Dowel Piece. 1973   [Click to view]

Acrylic on wooden relief made of sharpened dowels. 60 x 95 cm


Duet. 1974    [Click to view]

Acrylic on canvas, cotton strings. 2 units 90 x 90 cm each

Shadows of the strings echo the contours of the painted background producing mellow colour changes as the viewer passes the work.

In the collection of the National Gallery of Iceland.

Num 3. 1972  [Click to view]

Wood, painted hardboard and cotton strings. 56 x 56 cm

Concentric rings of colour pulse from the centre of this piece. An example of the use of non-primary colours.

In the collection of the Reykjavík Municipal Art Gallery.

Num 2. 1972  [Click to view]

Hardboard, cotton strings, 3 spotlights. 76 x 76 cm

Red, green and blue spotlights produce coloured shadows on the white background. The colours subtly shift and blend as the piece is viewed from varying angles.

Bezant. 1972 [Click to view]

Wood, glass, chromed brass, electric motor and fluorescent light. 100 x 60 x 60 cm

Rotating chromed disk reflects and mixes stripes of primary colours from back lit painted glass sheets in the upper part of the box. A rheostat controls the rotational speed of the disk.

Suns. 1972    [Click to view]

Acrylic on wood with printed paper and cotton strings. 90 x 90 cm

Window Piece. 1972 [Click to view]

Painted perspex. 50 x 50 cm

Black stripes on formed perspex produce concentric rings of variegating colour.

Diakrom 2. 1972      [Click to view]

Wood, painted glass and fluorescent light. 54 x 54 x 15 cm

Diakrom 1. 1972      [Click to view]

Wood, painted perspex and electric light. 36 x 36 x 36 cm

Slightly skewed black stripes in front of vertical colour stripes produce vibrant rainbows of colour from three light primaries.

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