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Margrét Jóelsdóttir and Stephen Fairbairn

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200 Kópavogur, Iceland

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(All entries are joint except those specifically marked (M) = Margrét

or (S) = Stephen)


Education (M)

1960–'64 Teacher Training University of Iceland(KHÍ).

1964–'66 Courses at Reykjavík School of Art and Icelandic Collage of Arts and Crafts.

1966–'68 Bath Academy of Art, England.

1968–'70 Brighton Collage of Art, England, BA with honours in independent art studies.

l973–'74 Philosophy and Pedagogy, University of Iceland (HÍ).

l989 BA in Special Education, (KHÍ).

l990 Counselling (HÍ).

l997 M.Ed. in Special Education, (KHÍ).

l997-'98 Literature & Creative Writing (HÍ).



Societies (M)

Association of Icelandic Artists (SÍM).

Society of Icelandic Artists (FÍM) since 1973. Exhibition committee 1976.

DIMENSIO Finland (multi-disciplinary art). Correspondence member since 1976.

Reykjavík Sculptors’ Society (MR)

Society of Icelandic Art teachers (FÍMK). Committee member 1985–'87.

Committee of the Icelandic branch of IAA (International Association of Art UNESCO) 1990–'92 .

Kópavogur Literary Group. Writer's Union of Iceland.


Education (S)

1961–'66 Radley College, Abingdon, England. GCE A-level A in Art.

1966–'70 Bath Academy of Art, Englandi, Dept. of Visual Communication. Dip.AD. with thesis on Bauhaus.

1968 Guide at Bauhaus exhibition, Royal Academy, London.


Societies (S)

Association of Icelandic Artists (SÍM).

Society of Icelandic Artists (FÍM)

Society of Icelandic Graphic Designers (FÍT)

Union of Icelandic Graphic Designers (FGT)

DIMENSIO Finland (multi-disciplinary art). Correspondence member since 1976.

Form Ísland. (Society of Icelandic Industrial Designers). Founder member.

Reykjavík Sculptors’ Society (MR)

Secretary of the committee of IAA, (UNESCO) Icelandic Branch, 1984–'92, and previously in the preparatory committee for the foundation of an IAA branch in Iceland.



One- and two-man exhibitions

1969 Morgunblađiđ show window, Reykjavík.(M)

1970 Brighton Collage of Art.(At the invitation of the Collage). (M)

1970 Brighton Radio (at the invitation of the radio). (M)

1972 ‘Light and Colour’, Nordic House, Reykjavík (optical/kinetic work).

1976 Hamrahlíd College, Reykjavík (at the request of the student association).

1994 ‘Watched’ Hafnarborg Art Gallery, Hafnarfjördur (painting, pastel and 3-D work). (M)

2001 ‘ViewPoints’ Kópavogur Museum of Art (Kópavogur Museum of Art purchased ‘Portable Sunbeams’).

2002 Kópavogur Health Centre (Selection of recent work).

2006 Days - exhibition in own studio.

2007 Kópavogur Days - exhibition in own studio.

2008 SÍM Visual Arts' Day - exhibition in own studio.

2009 Stolen Tussocks. Exhibition in own studio.

Group exhibitions

1967 FÍM, UM '67 Young Artists, Reykjavík. Selected to participate.(M)

1969 FÍM Autumn exhibition, Reykjavík. Selected to participate.(M)

1969 Play Orbit, Royal National Eisteddfod, Wales and ICA, London. Invited to participate.

1970 Colour?, Whitechapel Gallery, London. Invited to participate.

1970 Colour?, Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield. Leicestershire Collection purchased 'Zig-Zag Reflecting Structure'.

1971 FÍM, Reykjavík. Selected to participate.(M)

1974 FÍM, Reykjavík.

1974 Womens'Art, Nordic House, Reykjavík. National Gallery of Iceland purchased 'Dúett'.

1975 FÍM, Reykjavík Civic Hospital.

1976 DIMENSIO, Hässelby Slot, Stockholm. By invitation in connection with ARARAT exhibition, Moderna Museet.

1976 FÍM, Reykjavík.

1977 Touring exhibition with DIMENSIO, Finland. Invited to participate.

1979 FÍM, Reykjavík.

1983 Religious Art, Reykjavík Art Museum. Invited to participate.

1987 Icelandic Abstract Art, Reykjavík Art Museum. Invited to participate.

1989 FÍM, ASÍ Gallery, Reykjavík.

1995 Icelandic Contemporary Art, Reykjavík Art Museum.

1997 FÍM, Miniature Art, Ásmundarsalur, Reykjavík.

1999 FÍM, Miniature Art, Ásmundarsalur, Reykjavík.

2000 FÍM, Art in Energy Centres, Ljósafoss power station.

2002 Kópavogur Literary Group, Creation, art and poetry, Kópavogur Art Gallery.

2006 Quayside Day, Kópavogur Harbour. Local artists.

2007 Eight Artists, Corsham, England. Former Bath Academy students.

2008 Kópavogur Days, Kópavogur Literary Group. Reading and happening.(M)

2009 Kópavogur Days, Kópavogur Literary Group. In View anthology of poems. Publication celebration.


Seminars, presentations etc.

1971-1985 Art and general teaching, Fossvogur School, Reykjavík. Many awards for children's art. Shadow theatre for younger children.(M)

1975 Textile course, Chichester, England. Grant from Council of Europe.(M)

1976 Invited to participate in Dimensio seminar, Hässelby Slot, Stockholm, Sweden. Grant from Reykjavík Cultural Fund.

1983 Course in children's art and drama, Southampton, England. Grant from Council of Europe.(M)

1984 Lecture on art teaching FÍMK, Reykjavík.(M)

1984 Educational Supplies' Institute, Reykjavík. Invited to speak on creative teaching methods in art and mathematics. Slides and video on creative processes in children's art and shadow theatre.(M)

1984 Article on art teaching in the FÍMK journal.(M)

1985 The Gateway Exchange. Organization of art therapy seminar & exhibition, Nordic House, Reykjavík in connection with International Year of Youth (UNESCO).(S)

1985 Drawing, Painting & Moulding. IAA courses for ex-prisoners.(S)

1987 Children's Art Festival. Shadow theatre demo. by 6-year olds, ASÍ, Reykjavík.

1987 KHÍ. Part-time instructor at newly established art teaching department.(M)

1988 Nordic Art Teachers' Conference, Bifröst. Lecture on creative art teaching methods. Shadow theatre demonstration.(M)

1990 FÍMK. Dissertation on BA thesis at KHÍ. School development - Evaluation of art and handwork in schools.(M)

1990 State artists' grant.

1992-2001 Teaching and counselling at Dalbraut special school. Communication through art.(M)

1992 IAA 12th General Meeting and Congress, Madrid and León, Spain.(S)

1997 Article in Glćđur - special teachers' journal. Lack of Forethought - A Problem of Students and the System.(M)

1998 Nominated Kópavogur Borough Artists. Working grant from Kópavogur Arts & Culture Committee.

1999 Working stay at Nordic Artists' Centre, Rome.

2002 Invitation to Kjarvalsstofa, Paris.

2003 Travel grant from Kópavogur Arts & Culture Committee.

2003 Illustrated article in KÍ journal Skólavarđan. Usefulness in a New Context - Untraditional Methods in Art teaching. Work by students with emotional, social and mental difficulties at Hlíđarhús school.(M)

2003-2005 Special teaching and counselling at Brúarskóli special school. Communication through art. School for students with emotional, social and mental difficulties.(M)

2006 Sydney Harry Retrospective Exhibition, SDC Colour Experience, Bradford. Guests of Honour.


Work in public collections

Leicestershire Collection, Englandi.(M)

National Gallery of Iceland.

Reykjavík Art Museum.

Kópavogur Art Museum.

Hafnarborg Collection, Hafnarfjördur.(M)


Work in private collections

Teacher Training University of Iceland.

Bifröst University, Iceland.

Ó. Johnson & Kaaber (large wholesale firm).

Landsbankinn hf.(bank)

Íspan (glass manufacturer).

AUK ehf. (advertising agency).


Discussion in media

1967 Valtýr Pétursson. Criticism in Morgunblađiđ (daily newspaper). FÍM, UM '67 Young Artists, Reykjavík.(M)

1969 Hjörleifur Sigurđsson. Criticism in Morgunblađiđ. FÍM Autumn exhibition, Reykjavík.(M)

1970 Brighton Radio. Interview and discussion about Margrét's exhibition at the radio station.

1970 Ann Hildred (artist and curator) on the exhibition Colour?, Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield.

1972 Dr. Cyril Barrett (art historian). Introduction to our exhibiton Light and Colour, Nordic House Reykjavík. Cyril Barrett is the author of Op art, Studio Vista, London 1970.

1972 Björn Th. Björnsson (art historian). Interview on Light and Colour. State television (RÚV).

1972 Hjörleifur Sigurđsson (artist and critic). Criticism in Morgunblađiđ on Light and Colour.

1972 Gylfi Gíslason (artist and writer). Press and radio discussion on Light and Colour.

1974 Ađalsteinn Ingólfsson (art historian). Criticism in Vísir. FÍM Autumn exhibition, Reykjavík.

1975 Ađalsteinn Ingólfsson. Televised interview and discussion on Women's Art, Nordic House, Reykjavík (RÚV).

1976 Bragi Ásgeirsson (artist and critic). Criticism in Morgunblađiđ. FÍM exhibition, Reykjavík Art Museum.

1976 Jónas Guđmundsson (artist and critic). Criticism in Morgunblađiđ. FÍM exhibition, Reykjavík Art Museum.

1987 Björn Th. Björnsson in his book Aldaslóđ (Path of Centuries) on the development of European art, published by Mál og menning, Reykjavík.

1999 Halldór Björn Runólfsson (art historian). Criticism in Morgunblađiđ. Miniature Art From the Deep, FÍM, ASÍ Art Gallery, Reykjavík.

2000 Ađalsteinn Ingólfsson. Television programme on the Art in Energy Centres exhibition (RÚV).

2001 Ađalsteinn Ingólfsson. Article in the catalogue of our exhibiton ViewPoints, Kópavogur Art Gallery

2001 Halldór Björn Runólfsson. Criticism in Morgunblađiđ on ViewPoints.

2001 Jónatan Garđarsson. Shots from ViewPoints on the cultural programme Mósaík (RÚV).

2001 Dr. Thóra Kristjánsdóttir (art historian). Article on ViewPoints in Morgunblađiđ.


Margrét’s Professional Career

Apart from her work as an artist, Margrét works professionally as a special teacher and counsellor. She has attended numerous courses both in Iceland and abroad in connection with this work. Margrét has also written a number of poems and short stories. The following work has been published:

1998 Ten poems in the book Sex í ljóđum (an anthology of work by six poets).

2000 Birgir a book on how the school system deals with a child with ADHD. Based on an M.Ed. research project. Published by Ćskan, Reykjavík.

2001 Second prize for the story The Old Men in the Basement in a short story contest organized by www.strik.is.

2001 Poem and picture in the book Sköpun (Creation) published by the Kópavogur Literary Group.

2001 Poems in the catalogue of our exhibition ViewPoints.

2006 The poem Spurt um mömmu (Someone's asking for Mummy), published in Tímarit Máls og menningar - a literery periodical.

2006 Nonnikonni og kúlurnar (Ronnie-Connie and his Magic Marbles) - a children's book, published by Skjaldborg, Reykjavík and illustrated by Stephen Fairbairn. Nominated to the Children´s Book Award by the Society of Icelandic Publishers.

2008 Úti í myrkrinu (The Night Scarf) - a children's book, published by Skjaldborg, Reykjavík and illustrated by Stephen Fairbairn.

2009 Poems in the anthology Í augsýn (In View), published by the Kópavogur Literary Group. Margrét and Stephen also designed the book's cover.


Stephen’s Professional Career

Stephen has worked as a graphic designer since 1970. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in the field of applied art and package design and received a number of awards for package design. In 1998 he was the winner of a prize competition for the design of a co-ordinated milk-packaging programme for the whole of Iceland. He worked for a time in an advisory capacity for Agfa Compugraphic in the designing of the special Icelandic characters for many of the Agfa type fonts. Stephen is also co-designer with Ms. Kristín Thorkelsdóttir of the current series of Icelandic banknotes which was launched in 1981 and been added to several times since then. In 1996 the 5000 króna note was awarded 3rd prize from a total of 247 entries from 45 countries in an international banknote design competition.